Course Description

Once a Lean Six team has determined the root causes of problems, the focus shifts to solution development or the Improve Phase. Lean Six teams must leverage tools to select a solution that will have the most impact with the least cost and effort. In addition to the generation of potential solutions, the Improve Phase of Six Sigma DMAIC Process also covers the assessment or cost-benefit analysis of potential solutions, validation to confirm the performance of set targets per solution, risk mitigation plan, and process control systems.

This one-day course is based on the Improve Phase of the DMAIC framework and is the fifth of six courses designed to prepare individuals to conduct continuous improvement work. The purpose of this course is to help students familiarize themselves with the expectations, tools, concepts, and deliverables of Six Sigma Improve Phase. Students will also explore how Six Sigma teams brainstorm and implement solutions, pilot process changes, and gather data to validate if measurable improvement has occurred in a project.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • List the major DMAIC activities within the Improve Phase and explain the critical role played by the Improve Phase in the DMAIC process
  • Define and describe specific terms such as variables (independent and dependent), factors, levels, responses, treatments, errors, repetition, blocks, randomization, effects, and replication
  • Apply idea generation tools, such as affinity diagrams, root-cause analysis, challenging assumptions, solution mapping, mind-mapping, six thinking hats, and random word brainstorming to develop potential solutions
  • Identify and select appropriate tools and techniques for eliminating or preventing waste
  • Define and evaluate the criteria that can be used to evaluate potential improvement solutions
  • Prioritize and select potential solutions against established criteria


Students are strongly encouraged to take these courses in an order based on the DMAIC framework starting with PDS 243 Business Execution Systems; however, this is not required.



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