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From the moment you hit the floor in the morning until you go to bed each night--no matter what work you do--you are selling! The old stereotype of a sales person in a plaid jacket, waving a cigarette or cigar, twisting arms to make sales is long gone! It doesn't matter whether you are a corporate executive; auto mechanic; legal, accounting or engineering professional; emergency services worker; real estate agent; or  consultant, you are first selling YOU! Then, you sell your credibility, expertise, knowledge, time, product, service or ideas. No matter what the commodity, the steps to gain endorsement and results from others are the same.

The beauty of this workshop is that it will enable you to be specific about action you can take to advance your services, products or other offerings. You will learn to quickly tailor your presentation to be meaningful and of high value to your clients, therefore, achieving a "yes" sooner than later. Further, you will identify action you can take to provide value-added offerings to clients, thereby making it easier for the client to buy!


This is not eligible for credit towards the Certificate for Emerging Leaders.


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