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Spend your summer at the University of Calgary campus in beautiful Calgary, Canada, the gateway to the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is Canada’s fourth largest city: young, educated, and diverse.

The Teaching English as a Second Language Intensive Summer Program is an innovative curriculum of four courses delivered by industry experts in an intensive one-month format. This certificate will give you the fundamentals of communicative language instruction, classroom dynamics, and the knowledge of teaching skills and systems to work in the ESL and EFL fields with confidence. This program, when combined with a 20-hour teaching practicum, meets the course requirements for TESL Canada Professional Certificate Standard 1.

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TSL 108: Linguistic Structures (30 hours)
Even in a communicative context, second language teachers need a basic awareness about the structure of language and possible differences between the first and second language they are teaching. The three basic language structures of phonology (sound structure), morphology (word structure), and syntax (sentence structure) will be illustrated on a number of levels.

TSL 120: TSL Fundamentals (40 hours)
Be introduced to the field of learning and teaching a second language. Become familiar with the terminology used generally in the realm of second language teaching and specifically in the TSL Certificate program. Then focus on principles of classroom management and lesson planning. This will include concepts such as increasing student interaction in the classroom, using effective teacher language and logical staging of various lesson types.

TSL 131: Teaching Reading, Writing and Grammar – ESL (30 hours)
Explore both theoretical and practical aspects of specific skills in learning a second language. Review what is known about the reading and writing process including communicating well to be heard and understood, and reading and writing for specific purposes. Next review what is known about teaching grammar in a second language while concentrating on pedagogical techniques. Cover critical and innovative approaches to grammar and learn specific strategies for teaching grammar in a second language. Finally, cover systematic and principled procedures for teaching vocabulary.

TSL 132: Teaching Speaking and Listening – ESL (30 hours)
Become aware of current classroom techniques that promote listening and speaking. Be introduced to the communicative method of second language learning through group discussion, modelling, games and activities. Then, discover how sounds are produced in a variety of languages and what practical teaching techniques you can use to correct common problems with pronunciation in a second language. Gain familiarity with the international phonetic alphabet.


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