Course Description

Permaculture is an ethics-based holistic design approach that addresses the modern issue of global sustainability. This course examines the foundations of permaculture while offering insights into the tools and techniques that permaculture designers use to analyze their surroundings. Topics include: the history of permaculture, local and global sustainability changes, permaculture ethics and principles, design elements, site analysis and local permaculture initiatives. This course includes a guided field trip with cycling (optional) involved on a Saturday (weather permitting). 

This course will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered how they can design sustainable landscapes, improve gardening yields, decrease their reliance on non-renewable resources, intentionally connect with their community, or for anyone who simply wants to learn more about permaculture.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Define permaculture
  • Critically assess sustainability challenges facing our world today
  • Articulate permaculture ethics and principles
  • Identify permaculture design elements
  • Recognize local permaculture initiatives and applications
  • Complete a permaculture site analysis of a small urban space


Guided field trip with cycling involved; risk waiver to be signed first day of class. Students will be expected, if cycling, to bring their own bicycle and helmet.
Activity Level: Moderate. Students are welcome to find alternative modes of transportation to participate in the field trip. A route map for the field trip destinations will be provided.   

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