Course Description

Perception and Creativity in Photography

There is something beautiful about a photo that truly captures the essence of its subject. Capturing the essence is a skill that anyone can gain – with patience, practice and some reflection. In this course we will learn what it means to see and respect our subjects before we open the shutter.

We will participate in structured independent exercises with the camera and complete written reflections on our photographic practices, compare it to other art forms and discuss creativity. The overall intent of the course is to help casual photographers become more conscious of your approach to photography, develop a more individual perspective and greater intention with the camera.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Choose subjects and compose images in a manner that is expressive and individual
  • Become more conscious of where you set your eyes when examining a subject
  • Recognize any tendencies you have that may be limiting your creative and/or photographic potential
  • Identify similarities and differences between photography and other ways of creating or expressing yourself
  • Identify details in potential subjects that can enhance or detract from a photograph before it is taken

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