Course Description

Change is inevitable. Some changes we like and welcome, others we are not as comfortable with. Many factors contribute to our ability to transition through change in a healthy way. With an enhanced understanding of the personal side of change, we can develop strategies to deal with change more effectively and contribute to a higher probability of change efforts succeeding.

This seminar is designed to help front line leaders identify the different phases we go through when changes occur and explore how our beliefs and choices impact us and others.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Explore and understand the phases of transition and associated types of thinking, feelings, behaviours and needs
  • Identify and apply skills helpful in dealing with change such as listening, asking open questions, utilizing empathy, dealing with resistance and asking for what you need
  • Analyze the impact of stress and learn strategies to become more resilient during times of challenge and change
  • Create an action plan for enhancing coping mechanisms and developing greater resiliency to support self and others


Please note that this course fee includes the cost of a personality assessment and a complimentary reference book.

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