Course Description

Students will work with non-traditional media, using found objects and everyday materials to create sculptures. Projects are thematic in nature and not media specific. Importance is placed on relating sculpture to particular ideas such as the body, architecture, identity, and memory. Through experimentation students will discover found objects for their aesthetic qualities as well as their capacity to impart meaning from an art piece.

Course Details

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Study a given object apart from its practical usefulness; acknowledging its function as a potential conduit of metaphorical meaning and carrier of narrative significance in a sculptural context.
  • Identify sculpture as a potential platform for presenting personal narratives, and exploring conceptual notions. 
  • Engage the three-dimensional realm by creating sculptural works which depart from mark-making in a solely two-dimensional context.
  • Recognize mark-making processes which exist outside the realm of traditional media; experimenting with a range of materials and contending with their characteristics.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of a variety of notable contemporary and historical artists whose works have informed the definition of sculpture as we understand it today.
  • Participate in critical discussion responding to the insights of their peers and fellow artists, and expressing personal views on a given artwork based on stated criteria to validate individual sentiments.

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