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The Samurai Trail

During the Tokugawa period in Japan, local lords were required to travel to Edo (Tokyo) each year to pay homage to the Shogun. With limited time for travel, the lords learned how to make the most of the trip by stopping along the way at famous shrines, temples, castles, and famous natural landmarks. They ate at the best local restaurants and stayed at the most comfortable inns. The lord and his retinue would also take in local arts and sports along the way.

Over two weeks, this University of Calgary Travel Study will follow in the footsteps of the lords and samurai of the Tokugawa period. Led by a tour guide who speaks both Japanese and English, the group will visit Tokyo to explore the arts and sights of the ancient city. In Kyoto, which is famous for its shrines and temples, the group will have a chance to live the local culture and discover Japanese crafts. As the tour moves between the two famous cities, the group will taste the food of Japan, visit towering castles and see how ancient and modern Japan have come together.

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