Course Description

What age should children 'listen' to their caregivers? Is it possible to get teens talking? Can a preschooler do chores? Parenting is a job that requires ongoing professional development on children's capabilities and the latest neural-biological research to understand why and when children do what they do.

Parent Effectiveness Training (PET), is an evidence-based parent program presented within the framework of brain development information to enable parents of ages 2 - 25, to learn skills to enhance their parent-child relationship. Upon completion of the course, ongoing online parenting coaching is available.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Recognize problem ownership
  • Demonstrate active listening skills
  • Demonstrate assertiveness skills
  • Demonstrate shifting-gears skill
  • Distinguish between punishment and discipline
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills
  • Determine resolutions for values collisions
  • Identify the effect of temperament, and parenting styles on relationship building
  • Define the stages of development including brain development.
  • Apply the above skills for implementing parenting strategies for common parenting concerns.


Formerly: PIW 100 Parent Effectiveness Training


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