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Conflicts occur between colleagues, supervisor and subordinates and frequently with clients. These conflicts can also be amplified by stress that one or all participants are experiencing. Colleagues may be in conflict over the policies and goals of the organization; or who has the authority to make decisions.  Negotiation is a method to resolve conflict to reach an agreement that benefits both sides while recognizing that each side will protect its own self-interest. In this seminar, you will be introduced to the Creative Negotiating approach and steps in the negotiating process. Learn a combination of planning and techniques that can help you achieve better outcomes. Explore an effective approach that is neither too hard, nor too soft, and creative ways to search for the best outcomes achievable for both sides.


  • Steps in the negotiating process
  • Clarifying interests, issues and positions
  • Measuring the outcomes of the negotiation
  • Power in the negotiating relationship
  • Alternatives to negotiating
  • Communication skills in negotiating
  • Dealing with your stakeholders

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