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Have you ever spotted that motivational magic that occurs when an organization – and the people within it – have a clearly defined purpose?  When teams and individuals are able to articulate meaningful, direction-setting purpose, it engages their desire to contribute and enlivens their actions. In fact, the truest work of leadership is to identify and harness the power of purpose. Without purpose-driven leadership, teams can drift; but with it, vision, mission, values, goals and measures take on laser-like focus and the potential for excellence. Through this seminar, learn to discern and enliven the power of purpose so that everyone benefits – you, your team and your organization. 


  • Achieve greater insight into your own, your team’s or your company’s purpose – your ‘why’. Be able to clarify and articulate what that is.
  • Discover how to engage, empower and elevate yourself and others through the power of clear purpose.
  • Understand how to instil a sense of inspired accountability among those you lead and/or work with.
  • Explore how to create alignment between your own and others’ aspirations (individuals, your organization, division, and/or team) -- particularly if or when they differ.
  • Share, discuss, and expand leadership experiences, with live coaching and opportunity for in-the-moment feedback, application and experience.

Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Building Relationships

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