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Stress Less: Managing What's on Your Mind

Do you have headaches, or tight neck and shoulders? Do you feel anxious, irritable and frustrated at home or at work? Do you use caffeine and other habits to cope with everyday demands? Are you lashing out at others, or conversely, withdrawing from your life? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, or would like to prevent these and other threats to your wellness, you will benefit from this seminar. Thriving in uncertain and demanding times takes a concentrated effort. You must learn how to control stress. Managing stress is no longer a soft skill. It is critical to your optimal performance at home or in the office.


  • Choosing healthy coping strategies and eliminating unhealthy strategies
  • Negative and positive dialogue
  • Goals and action plans
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Physical, emotional and behavioural indicators of stress
  • Balancing the stresses of varying perspectives with utilizing them  to propel relationships forward
  • Journaling to manage anxiety
  • Conflict resolution management
  • Communication strategies to express needs, wants, observations and thoughts for conflict management
  • Leadership qualities that can alleviate stress reactions

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