Course Description

Everyone experiences adversity at work, from downsizing and reorganizing in large companies to difficulties experienced by the self-employed. Resilient individuals bounce back from adversity more quickly with less stress and also increase their capability by learning new ways to deal with challenges. While some people are naturally resilient, research is showing that the skills that make us more resilient can be learned. In this seminar, you will learn how to deal with the negative impacts of adversity while increasing your learning and skills for dealing with change and challenges in the work environment. In short, this seminar will help you bounce back from adversity or change at work.


  • Definition of resilience
  • Assessing your own resilience
  • Impact of adversity at work such as conflict, change and financial reversals
  • Establishing goals for increasing resilience
  • Understanding thinking patterns in order to create options
  • Pessimism and optimism: pros and cons
  • Developing realistic optimism
  • Managing emotions and problem-solving through adversity
  • Coaching for resilience


Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills




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