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Grab your coat and hat, let’s go outside! This seminar invites you to challenge your leadership capacity while participating in activities in an outdoor setting. By experimenting, taking risks and having fun in a facilitated, safe and experiential learning environment, metaphors for workplace dynamics are created, offering immediate feedback loops, opportunities for self-reflection, and potential for increasing self-awareness of leadership patterns and dynamics.  Building understanding of your leadership style, the styles of others, and how they best interact increases your capacity for effective self-leadership in response to the daily challenges faced while working in groups, both at home and in the workplace.


  • What makes a strong leader
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Risk-taking
  • Group strategic thinking
  • Dealing with change and uncertainty
  • Understanding and working with leadership styles
  • Cooperative team performance interactions

Certificate for Emerging Leaders Topic Area: Building Relationships


Sturdy outdoor footwear, such as running shoes, is recommended.

Participants will be required to complete a waiver prior to attending the session.

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