Course Description

Many interesting and exciting subjects for photographs are as close as your own back yard. Whether you have an SLR digital camera loaded with special features or a simple point-and-shoot camera, you can learn how to take great photographs in your garden using lighting and other techniques. Additional topics include: macro photography, composition, and how shooting from different angles can create dynamic images. This course includes two field trips. General knowledge of your camera would be helpful but not necessary, photography basics will be covered in the first class.

Course Details

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set shutter speed and aperture to get sharp images with appropriate depth of field
  • Set shutter speed, aperture and ISO to achieve proper exposure
  • Recognize the advantages and challenges that are posed by various lenses when doing garden photography
  • Use flash in a manner that enhances the image, if necessary
  • recognize the advantages of using a tripod in the garden
  • Take a more deliberate approach to photographing the garden, whether for close-ups or for broader shots.

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