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Making decisions is one of the main functions of a leader, and the quality of those decisions is one of the primary ways a leader’s effectiveness is judged. It is common for leaders to panic and either rush into a poor decision or become paralyzed and not make one at all. The Question, Factors, Options, Planning (QFOP®) model for decision making is simple to use and provides a framework to make better decisions. Learn how to use the model by working through examples, then discuss how to communicate decisions to your supervisor or team. Both deliberate and rapid decisions will be covered, as well as how to ensure lessons are incorporated from previous similar decisions. As a leader, give yourself the best possible chance to make decisions that are as good as they can be.


  • An introduction to decision making
  • Differences between good and bad decisions
  • Question, Factors, Options, Decision (QFOP) model for decision-making
  • Quick decision-making model
  • Case study and live example
  • Presenting your decisions to others
  • After action review process – how to make an even better decision next time

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