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Increasing numbers of CEOs are acknowledging that creativity is the most important leadership quality for success in business. Creative leaders can generate real benefits for an organization: better systems and relationships, innovations in products and services, more effective marketing and promotion, and inventive solutions. In this engaging hands-on seminar, experience a variety of tools and strategies that allow you to unleash more of your creative potential, while tapping into the creative best of the individuals and teams you lead.


  • Organizational and environmental factors that enhance creativity
  • Strategies for removing personal and organizational barriers to creativity
  • The benefits of individual and collaborative creativity practices
  • Attitudes that result in creative breakthroughs
  • How highly creative groups generate ideas and make decisions
  • Tools for generating creative ideas during problem solving and or product development
  • Strategies for addressing the challenge of introducing creativity to individuals and groups that may be initially resistant
  • Process for using story-telling as a prompt to greater creativity

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