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We’ve all seen slogans reach pop-culture status, like Nike’s Just do it!. Over time, slogans can infiltrate our everyday conversation and lives. Our actions as leaders have the same potential. Our highest aspiration as leaders should not be about creating a big legacy, as much as creating a day-to-day legacy comprised of our vision, direction, decisions and the treatment of others, which can influence our corporate culture and everyday lives. Though largely unseen, our legacy is being created now. In this seminar, explore the many dimensions of leadership and how to be mindful of our daily actions and decisions, and their potential legacy.


  • Explore the multi-dimensionality of leadership
  • Insight into your own leadership, its effect on others, and results
  • Speed-of-life tools and strategies to enhance your leadership competency and legacy
  • Practise and share legacy leadership experiences to better integrate desired takeaways

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