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According to many experts, one of the key elements determining success for leaders today is their leadership presence. The challenge is that there seems to be little consensus as to what 'presence' is precisely, and how to develop or enhance it. In this interactive session, we will pursue a definition of, and a plan for, developing leadership presence. We will explore the different perspectives that exist today and link them both to the context in which leaders operate, as well as the unique personality, approach and values that individuals bring to their leadership roles. You will leave the session with a clearer perspective on what leadership presence means to you, and strategies on how to further refine it in authentic ways to maximize your success and impact as a leader.


  • Leadership presence: current views and perspectives
  • Common characteristics of leadership presence models
  • The role of personality preferences
  • The Importance of clear and authentic communication
  • Leadership through influence versus power
  • The path forward: what kind of presence do you want to cultivate and display?

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