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Mastering Work and Life Satisfaction

Balancing home and work life is the number one human resource issue. We are all looking for the same thing — success at work and success at home. Is it possible? This seminar will help you decrease the burden of stress and guilt, become more focused and committed to your important goals and values, and magnify the satisfaction and fulfilment you get from both home and work life. You will leave with insights, skills and strategies to be more productive, effective, confident, courageous, enthusiastic and motivated in your life.


  • Personal assessment: overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • Attention is your greatest resource: notice how you pay attention
  • Top five regrets at the end of life
  • Focus on what matters: get clear on values, legacy and personal meaning of success
  • Three keys to real fulfilment at work and at home
  • Strategies to find more contentment, calm and connection in a day
  • Bookends on your day… how you open and close your day matters
  • Tools for being present and living in the moment
  • Ways to recover in a day and build deeper resilience
  • How to stay in 'the zone' and be productive
  • Honest conversations: setting boundaries and saying no
  • Importance of intense focus and deep recovery
  • Strategies for letting go and decreasing worry
  • Holding yourself accountable

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