Course Description

This introductory course teaches students the programming, visual and game design fundamentals needed to build computer games.

Course Details

Participants will utilize the Adobe Flash design program to produce visual graphics and learn the ActionScript 3.0 programming language to create interactivity. The game development process introduced in level one includes designing, writing, testing, and debugging both the source code and graphic elements of computer games.

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  • Restricted to students entering grades 7 - 10; students must be turning age 13 on or before September 1.
  • Students must have strong math skills, strong typing skills (they must be able to spell) and a strong desire to learn a programming language.
  • Students must also meet the recommendations and requirements in the Notes section along with any proficiencies identified below.


Courses are instructor-led, face-to-face in a classroom.

Course Content

Course Level Learning Outcomes

  • Create animations and digital images by utilizing the basic principles and elements of design and Adobe Flash design software.
  • Use Action Script 3.0 and basic programming concepts such as variables, functions, event handlers, loops, and conditional statements to manage user input and create collisions in interactive productions.
  • Produce video games with objectives, challenges, sounds, HUD, and win/lose capabilities by applying basic game design theory.
  • Organize and back up files effectively throughout the game design process.


Recommendations and Requirements

Course Duration

This course is 60 hours.


No textbooks required.


It is strongly recommended that students attend every class. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate potential absenteeism to the instructor.


  • Students must be familiar with the personal computer, keyboard and mouse.
  • Students must have Microsoft Windows skills and knowledge, and be able to perform the following tasks:
    • start and run Windows
    • use the taskbar, Start button and Help feature
    • use Minimize, Maximize, Restore Down/Up and Close
    • use the left and right mouse buttons appropriately
    • understand file management techniques
    • navigate between files, folders, or drives.


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