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Listening is the cornerstone of effective communication, and is a core practice of leadership that helps us engage, encourage and lead people. Integrative listening is more than active listening, and goes beyond hearing or rephrasing. The goal and the leader’s responsibility is to achieve and sustain integrity — defined literally as completeness — through skilful listening. It requires an outer or strategic leadership focus, which is about being able to listen in the context of the larger picture, other dynamics, desired results, productivity, and performance. This seminar is based on the premise that each and every encounter requires us to listen all over again with a clear and unencumbered focus. Learn to facilitate leadership through listening; to understand listening as a foundational leadership skill for engagement, empowerment, productivity and inspired accountability.


  • Exploring listening behaviours
  • Multi-dimensionality of listening
  • 'Speed-of-life' tools and strategies to enhance integrative listening skills
  • Improving listening  effectiveness
  • Facilitating leadership through listening

Certificate for Emerging Leaders Topic Area: Communication


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