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When employees find meaning in their work, they are more likely to feel satisfied and engaged. For the organization, this translates into greater employee effectiveness and productivity. When staff are happy, they are team oriented, less likely to move on, and more likely to act in the best interests of the organization. In contrast, when employees do not feel a sense of meaning or engagement in their work, a multitude of problems can occur. The resulting poor attitudes, negative behaviours, and absenteeism can be detrimental to an organization’s morale, culture, performance and revenue. This seminar is intended for leaders wishing to learn and implement effective strategies of organizational psychology to foster positive employee attitudes and behaviours, increase employee performance, motivation, productivity, and generally improve employee engagement and job satisfaction levels.


  • Introduction to organizational psychology
  • Employee attitudes and behaviours
  • Leadership behaviours that contribute to employee engagement, job satisfaction, effective team work, work motivation, and productivity
  • Aspects of group dynamics and how to develop strategies to enhance team work, motivation, and team performance
  • Strategies for addressing workplace issues and challenges related to organizational behaviour

Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Building Relationships

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