Course Description

This course is designed to provide an overview of operating a small decorating business and will give valuable information and guidance for those seriously wishing to pursue decorating as a career choice. It is targeted to new decorators or individuals with aspirations of working in the field, but who have little or no experience operating a small business. 

Topics covered include: areas of employment in this field, qualities and individual strengths that contribute to success as a self-employed decorator, the basics of marketing a small decorating business, gaining practical experience, staying organized, and remaining motivated. Participants will also  learn different pay formats, how decorators structure their legal agreements with clients and trades, the importance of precise, written communication in project management, how to manage the creative process of decorating, and the components of the decorating process from the initial client consultation to the final installation of selections. Client relations will be discussed in relation to the very personal service that decorators offer and, finally, some time will be spent on defining each learner's individual goals and helping them clarify how to achieve them.


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