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Humans are but one of millions of species alive on Earth today. But, how did our species come to be? How much Neanderthal does your genome have? We will explore the latest consensus about how humans evolved from fossils to genomes, which are the complete sets of DNA within an organism or a single cell. Discuss how genomes and evolution can be used to predict the distribution and natural history of humans, how selection has shaped unique adaptations in humans, and how companies are using this information to reveal genetic ancestry. Based on the most cutting-edge genomics, this one-day course will teach you what it means to be human, and the remarkable ways that our genomes are illuminating the mysteries of our own natural history.

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Sean Rogers

Instructor: Sean Rogers, PhD

Dr. Sean Rogers is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. He is recognized internationally for his highly influential contributions to environmental genomics, an emerging field that seeks to predict and discover how organisms respond, at the genetic level, to changes in their external environment. He has published numerous research papers, most of which have appeared in prestigious internationally recognized scientific journals. He currently teaches first year biology (DNA to Diversity), Evolution, Molecular Ecology, and a field course in marine fishes at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

Dr. Rogers seeks solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing Canadians, including invasive species, biodiversity decline, fisheries and aquacultural productivity and sustainability, and rapid evolution in response to climate change. Dr. Rogers's impact extends beyond his success as a researcher and teacher. He takes pride in being an active member of the University of Calgary and City of Calgary communities.

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