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How much carbon is associated with using an iPhone, heating and lighting our homes, or travelling? What can we do to compensate for the impact? Our ever increasing consumption of goods and services is offsetting improvements made on technical efficiency and performance. An example is the increased mobility that is dwarfing the gains made by fuel efficient vehicles. Environmental sustainability can be realized only when it is supported by sustainable consumption. Measurement tools such as carbon footprint and water footprint calculators can play a vital role. Review relevant concepts using day-to-day examples with a footprint calculator. You are welcome to bring your laptop.


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Getachew Assefa Wondimagegnehu

Instructor: Getachew Assefa Wondimagegnehu, BSc, MSc, PhD

An associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design and Athena Chair in Life Cycle Assessment at the University of Calgary, Getachew Assefa Wondimagegnehu focuses on sustainable development and design. His holistic approach to research and education strives to avoid problem shifting and sub-optimization in the design and development of technical systems including buildings and energy systems. His work aims at contributing to a sustainability enabled by environmentally benign, economically viable and socially equitable utilization of resources in making sustainable goods and services at different levels. His research interest includes life cycle assessment, built environment assessment, environmental product declaration, industrial ecology, and sustainable consumption. His Bachelor’s degree is in Chemical Engineering, his Masters is in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure and his PhD is in Industrial Ecology. He has over 12 years of experience teaching and researching in life cycle assessment in Europe, China and Africa. He also consults in product sustainability positioning.

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