Course Description

This course is an examination of international interventions in response to contemporary civil
wars and the challenges encountered by today's expansive international peacebuilding missions.
It will trace the origins and evolution of today's generation of multifaceted international
interventions to support war to peace transitions. Students will examine the distinct yet
interconnected roles of international and national civilian and military actors in humanitarian
relief, security, and development spheres. The course will explore both the policy debates and
evolving practice on the key challenges of local ownership, aid effectiveness, governance,
interagency and civil-military coordination, transitional justice, humanitarian space and assessing
peacebuilding impacts.

The course is relevant to advanced students with an interest in humanitarianism, development studies, contemporary international peace/stability operations, and post-conflict reconstruction.  It is a credit course open to graduate students from all departments.  It may be open to non-degree professionals working in the fields of aid,  peace, and security – please contact the instructors for more information.


For additional information please contact:

Lara Olson, Co-director (403) 220-8557

Hrach Gregorian, Co-Director (571) 214-5293

The Peacebuilding, Security and Development Program (PDSP)

The Centre for Military and Strategic Studies

University of Calgary


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