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Get Organized! Improve Your Workflow and Boost Your Productivity

Keeping up with constant demands on your time, attention and energy takes its toll. The typical office worker will experience up to 170 interactions or distractions per day and has a backlog of 200-300 hours of incomplete work. Many are overwhelmed by too many responsibilities, emails and interruptions. Multi-tasking in an effort to stay afloat never allows people to step off this treadmill long enough to get organized. Instead, they try to solve everything by working faster and longer in a world that shows no signs of slowing down. Effective workflow is about the art of choices, actions, attention and energy, balanced with a workflow system that will support you as you navigate through the day. This seminar offers strategies and solutions to eliminate productivity roadblocks, leading to better self-management and productivity.


  • Self-evaluation in 11 key areas of productivity
  • Designing a workflow system to manage files both paper and electronic
  • Creating a task management system
  • Taming the chaos in your Inbox
  • Best practices for better work habits
  • Self care and how it affects personal productivity

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