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From daily email demands to reports and proposals, clear written communication is the common currency of the workplace. Invariably, this communication takes place within a frenetic, fast-paced environment. Many in the workforce find their communication demands increasing exponentially, yet have no in-house support. This seminar is designed to provide that support. In a friendly and relaxed environment, you will practise your writing and editing skills, addressing key issues surrounding communication in the workplace.


  • How do I get started writing?
  • How can I speed up the writing process?
  • How can I become more flexible in the way I approach diverse writing challenges?
  • Do I really need to understand grammar to become a better writer at work?
  • How do I make my writing as concise and clear as possible?
  • How can I confidently 'fix' sentences that don't convey the meaning I want them to convey?
  • How can I develop a written voice that is appropriate for a number of work-related situations?
  • Is there an easy way to know what punctuation would be appropriate in specific sentences?
  • What kinds of writing flaws should I be looking for when I proofread my writing and the written work of others?

Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills

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