Course Description

Conflict in a team situation is challenging and team members need strategies for positive resolutions. As an effective team member, you need to identify the dynamics at play in the team, and learn and practise strategies for intervening to move the group towards resolution. Through role-play, case analysis and discussion, you will build your understanding of group role functions and problematic behaviours that interfere with the function of the team. You will practise a collaborative conflict resolution process.


Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify group roles, dynamics and development.
  • Describe how roles, dynamics and development affect group functioning and conflict.
  • Use skills and strategies for identifying group dysfunction and improving group effectiveness.
  • Use communication skills in a group setting.
  • Adapt collaborative conflict resolution processes to a group setting.


Formerly: PDS 008 Resolving Conflict in Groups Level I: Effective Team Dynamics (CCR210)


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