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It's been said that life is one long sales call. What do you think of that analogy? There is likely some merit to that statement and here's why! A great portion of your day is likely spent influencing others to do what you want them to do, see events as you see them, and ultimately support your idea, product or service. Most people support people they like, trust, and believe to be capable. Whatever your goals, the results you achieve in advancing your success starts with you, specifically how you present yourself and establish your credibility both personally and professionally. Knowing how to distinguish you — as well as your ideas, products, services and approach — from others will give you a competitive edge. Your ability to make your offerings memorable, and have them connect with your clients’ needs, wants and nice-to-have's, will make your work less stressful, more collaborative, productive and fun. In this seminar, discover processes you can apply to brand your uniqueness in a way that leaves a lasting impression.



  • Create a process to keep business development activities on track
  • Tailor your business development approach to be of high value to the recipient and get to YES sooner versus later
  • Achieve mutually desirable results in a respectful and timely manner
  • Maximize your time, energy and effort in working with others
  • Identify ways to add value and leverage your opportunity for the future

Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Building Relationships


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