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This intensive, cohort-based series provides participants with the opportunity to integrate their understanding about teaching and learning into a portfolio format known as a teaching dossier. Participants will develop teaching philosophy statements and learn how to integrate them with artifacts of teaching and learning into a dossier format. Working sessions will support participants throughout the process, and peer evaluations will provide opportunities to give and receive feedback for further dossier edits and development.

This badge is part of the Postdoctoral Scholars Certificate in University Teaching and Learning program.

Learning Outcomes

Develop a teaching philosophy and dossier that aligns key beliefs about teaching and learning to sources of evidence drawn from participation in the certificate program

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Required Course

One course including a capstone project


Enrollment Instructions


Register, attend and participate in one designated course (4 sessions) which includes the capstone project
Once you have registered, you will be added to the D2L course

Complete the Developing Your Teaching Dossier for Postdoctoral Scholars - Capstone Project



The course (4 sessions) including the Capstone Project are delivered and completed in an online format.

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1 Course(s)

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1 Course(s)

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