Thank you for teaching with us on the Main Campus. To ensure your safety, the safety of your students and UCalgary staff, please familiarize yourself with the following protocols.

University of Calgary Protocols

Anyone entering campus must familiarize themselves with the re-entry protocols document prior to their arrival. Reading time is approximately 5-10 minutes...

  UCalgary COVID-19 Re-Entry Protocols

Quick Reference for Instructors...

The building in which you are teaching should be open. If for some reason it is not, contact Campus Security at 403.220.5333.

Instructors are advised to bring their own food, drinks, utensils and dishware. Fountains are out of service except fountains with bottle fillers. Sinks are available for additional water.

If you require whiteboard markers/erasers, please visit the Instructor Dropbox where you will find some for your instructional use. Please do not put them back in the drop box.

If you are on campus and you cannot reach the appropriate contacts in person, yet you require immediate assistance, please contact Campus Security at 220-5333.

Students must maintain 2 metres between each other when entering and exiting a classroom. This may mean staggering entry and exit. To avoid gathering or loitering while waiting to gain entry to or exit from a classroom, students must form a line (queuing) to help ensure physical distancing while in line.

Classrooms should be set up so that students can maintain physical distancing. Students should sit a minimum of 2m apart and fill the furthest seats from the entrance first.

Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected at night. Wipes and hand sanitizers will be available for individuals to use to clean spaces they are using throughout the day. Instructors will be provided with disinfectant wipes to bring to class for use.

Minimize the use of elevators wherever possible and use the stairs. Unless there is sufficient space for two people to stand diagonally, no more than one person may use the elevator at any time.

Hand sanitizer stations are located in common areas throughout campus. Please use them.

IT Support continues to offer service by phone, email and live chat during normal business hours.

Please read the University of Calgary Mask FAQs.

Masks need to be worn in all classrooms, labs, study spaces, student lounges and any other shared space on campus.

Masks are available for instructors in the Instructor Dropbox.

Reminder: How to put on a mask

A number of spots on campus will have signage reminders asking people not to gather in groups. To help with this, some furniture on campus has been removed and signage will reinforce walking patterns (walk on the right).

Please be aware that you and other university staff may remind students to physically distance as necessary.

Address specific students directly and remind them of the policy. You do not need to be confrontational, we encourage you to be firm. If the student(s) do not comply, the instructor may ask the student(s) to leave the classroom.

In an effort to ensure we are all safe, please follow floor arrows/markers to help navigate through spaces. Some narrow corridors may have one-way signage so watch for the cues.

Washrooms on campus are open. Extra control measures include maintaining hands-free entrances on multi-stall washrooms, blocking off sink use where sinks are placed too close together, and reducing stall counts. Washrooms will be full-cleaned daily and touch-points sanitized more frequently based on need.

Please review the procedure for what to do if a student becomes sick while they are on campus and they are in your class.

Upon discovery of a positive COVID-19 case affiliated with the University, Alberta Health Services will contact our designated representative who will then notify appropriate individuals and ensure appropriate actions are taken including containment and enhanced disinfection of relevant areas along with information gathering to support Alberta Health in their contact tracing. Alberta Health follow up with individuals determined to be a close contact to coordinate testing. All other students in that class will be notified by the University through email.

UCalgary Updates

For updates that apply to the entire UCalgary community, click here. See the COVID-19 Dashboard for the latest information about positive cases on campus.

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Currently, the best way to reach us is via email at, or by telephone at 403.220.2866.

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