Justice Institute of British Columbia

Offered in collaboration with the Justice Institute of British Columbia – Centre for Conflict Resolution and Centre for Leadership, Continuing Education is pleased to offer the Certificate in Conflict Resolution, with a specialization in Negotiation, Mediation/Third Party Intervention, or Family Mediation. A shorter program – the Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict – ladders into the larger certificates.

Courses can be taken individually or as part of the certificate programs, and will benefit anyone wishing to improve communication, collaboration or conflict resolution skills.

Register for classroom courses with University of Calgary Continuing Education. To register for online courses and assessments, call JIBC toll free at 1.877.528.5591. For information on the program, authorizations to enrol without prerequisites and credit for prior-learning, email ccrplar@jibc.ca. Assessments must be booked through JIBC by emailing ccrassessments@jibc.ca. You may also call the JIBC information line at 1.877.799.0801. Information can be found at www.jibc.ca. For information on obtaining Chartered Mediator status in Alberta, please see: www.adrcanada.ca

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