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TRA 159 Galapagos - The Enchanted Islands and Amazon Basin Extension

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Dr. Lynch first travelled to the fabled Galapagos Islands, 1000 kilometres off the west coast of Ecuador, over 20 years ago. He saw young sea lions use prickly cactus pads as water toys, tortoises as big as storage trunks, seabirds flaunt their flamboyant crimson throats and blue webbed feet, and tropical penguins share sandy beaches with black spiny lizards. It's a place where the wildlife is unwary, where animal behaviour unfolds just metres away, and where the sunlight penetrates the crystal clear water and spotlights a multitude of colourful reef fishes.

Charles Darwin made his legendary visit to the islands in 1835. Today, more than 175 years later, the islands are recognized globally as a living laboratory of biological evolution and one of the great natural wonders of the world. A visit to to these Enchanted Islands is still a magical event; one in which cherished memories are forged and never forgotten. For our voyage around the islands, we'll sail aboard the Queen of Galapagos, a 16-passenger luxury yacht for a small group of 16. After our trip to Galapagos, we will return to Quito and the next day fly to Coca for a three day extension to the Amazon Basin.

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