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TRA 153 Yellowknife: Aurora Borealis at Its Best

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Ancient Inuit believed that the aurora borealis was the torches of spirits guiding souls to a land of happiness and plenty. First Nations peoples along the Pacific Coast thought that auroras were the cooking fires of Eskimos boiling whale blubber. Auroras have inspired countless colourful stories and legends; their shifting curtains of green, red and purple light, pulsating across a blackened star-filled sky, are fuel for the imagination and never fail to amaze and captivate.

When viewed from space, an aurora forms a bright crown of light encircling the northern polar region. Yellowknife, the capital city of the Northwest Territories, lies under the magical Auroral Oval where northern lights occur on 100 percent of nights when it's dark enough to see the displays. Auroras are most intense around the autumn and spring equinoxes so our tour in March is at an optimal time. As well, the month of March has the greatest percentage of clear skies, the least amount of winter snowfall, and the warmest winter temperatures – a time when it's truly energizing to be outside in nature.

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