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TRA 148 From Genoa to Venice: An Historical and Cultural Exploration of Northern Italy

Course Description

We are excited to present our first 19-day journey through the north of Italy, beginning with the financial and fashion centre of Milan, then traveling to the fine old port of Genoa, walking between the pretty coastal villages of the Cinqueterre, visiting Lake Garda's beautifully restored town of Sirmione, exploring the charms of Shakespeare's Verona and the university town of Padua, and ending at the islands that form Venice.

Our leisurely itinerary will take us to seven Unesco World Heritage Sites: Leonardo's painting of the Last Supper, the old city of Genoa, the Cinqueterre, Verona, the botanical gardens of Padua, the lagoon of Venice, and the early Christian churches of Ravenna. We'll explore the vineyards of Valpolicella, the culinary centre of Parma, St Mark's Basilica, and the islands of the Venetian Lagoon.At Genoa we'll take a short coastal cruise past nearby towns; from Padua we'll be floating for a whole day slowly down a canal past 16th -18th century villas.

En route we'll enjoy food and wine tastings, and you will have lots of time for exploring, shopping, and dining on your own. Many of our hotels are small and historic, and we have chosen some gastronomic restaurants to give you the best possible experience of food and wines of the region.

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