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TRA 146 Wildlife Treasures of East Africa

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Course Description

When world travelers think of the natural wonders of Africa, they think of great herds migrating across vast open plains shadowed by hungry predators. This popular image encapsulates the reality of East Africa and the annual wildebeest migration between Tanzania and Kenya. Every year, between July and October, the great herds of wildebeest, zebras and Thomson’s gazelles that spent the wet season on the shortgrass plains of Tanzania trek northwards to Kenya. As a result, there is a good reason why BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and PBS photographers frequently stalk these Kenyan hinterlands at this time of the year. The wildlife spectacles that unfold day after day are simply unmatched anywhere else on the planet – throngs of wildebeests crossing crocodile-infested rivers, elusive leopards skulking between sunlight and shadows, boisterous herds of elephants feeding in acacia thickets, and noisy clusters of wallowing hippos. Add to this elegant giraffes, secretive rhinos, tawny lions and countless colorful birds, and you have a wildlife extravaganza open to personal discovery and providing a lifetime of memories.  

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  TRA 146 - 002 Wildlife Treasures of East Africa  
  Summer 2017   Status:  Available
Class:   Wed 7:00PM - 9:30PM
19 Jul 2017 to 26 Jul 2017
Field Trip:   05 Aug 2017 to 19 Aug 2017
Number of Sessions: 2 Sessions
Hours: 40.00
Course Fees:   Fee before GST non-credit    1500.00
Potential Price Adjustments:
Section Fees:
Travel Costs 13900.00
Campus: Main Campus
Delivery Options:  Travel Study
Instructor(s): Dr. Wayne Lynch
  Section Notes:  

Travel costs - air, land, transportation and other non-tuition expenses - are $13,900, based on double occupancy.  Single supplement is an additional $2,630.
NO ONLINE REGISTRATIONS. Please call (403) 220-2952 to register.


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