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TRA 141 Athens and Crete: Gods, Myths, Mountains, and Foods of Greece

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Much of the western civilization springs from the cultural richness of ancient Greece. The myths of Greek gods from Apollo to Zeus, the stories of Greek mortals like Medusa and Oedipus, and the teachings of Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Socrates have all played a part in the development of the western world. 

Journey to this land of gods, mortals, and philosophers as we spend two weeks in and around Athens and on Crete. Stroll through Athens' ancient Plaka and hike to the Acropolis. Visit ancient sites on the isle of Crete, soaking in the rich cultural history of the area. But since this is also the land of Dionysus, Epicurus and Zorba, we'll put a culinary focus on this trip. Join us on an historical and culinary tour of Greece. We'll take a Greek cooking class, learn how phyllo pastry is made, and sip a little ouzo in-between visits to ruins. We'll enjoy seaside cafes and lively tavernas on this two-week visit to the eternal land of Greece.  And maybe we'll even learn a new dance step or two. 


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