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PDS 221 International Marketing

Course Description

Cover the development of marketing plans to achieve business targets, and the implementation and coordination of international marketing activities for products and services. Discuss the principles of marketing functions, and the distinctions between domestic and international marketing. Also look at adapting and developing products and services for the foreign market, and the sales and marketing activities that lead to success in target markets.

Course Details

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main principles of marketing
  • Describe international marketing
  • Explain how to use market intelligence, promotional strategies and e-marketing for global success
  • Recognize the influence of cultural, political, legal and regulatory considerations on the international market environment
  • Explain why companies would adapt thier product/service for the international market
  • Identify how to use marketing, pricing and personal selling strategies to achieve international marketing goals
  • Prepare an international marketing plan

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