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PDS 010 Negotiation Skills Level II

Course Description

This advanced course builds on Negotiation Skills Level I, to apply an interest-based approach to more complex negotiations. You will learn about negotiator assertiveness and style, identifying and responding to competitive tactics, assessing power dynamics and resolving impasses.


As Negotiation Skills Level II is the final prerequisite course for Assessment: Negotiation, coaches' feedback on your role-playing will be based on the assessment role-play criteria. For certificate candidates, it is strongly recommended that you take Negotiation Skills Level II near the end of your certificate. You must complete Negotiation Skills Level II before scheduling your Negotiation assessment.

Recommended reading: Negotiating Skills for Managers, Steven P. Cohen, McGraw Hill, 2002; Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way from Confrontation to Co-operation, William Ury, Bantam Books, 1993


PDS 001 Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution, or PDS 002 Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution: Workplace Focus; and PDS 185 Negotiation Skills Level I, PDS 006 Mediation Skills Level I, and PDS 007 Dealing With Anger.

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