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TRA 117 Ireland: Myth, History, Culture

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Ireland is widely known for its music, literature, film, politics, economics, history, religion, and diet; and Celtic culture is popular worldwide. The limited map of two nations sharing a small island is ideal to ensure the group will see and experience as much of the island as possible. Every day will begin with a full Irish breakfast (a more daunting meal is not to be found).

The landscape is sure to break more than one heart, and the history and culture will stir the rest.

Visit Glasnevin Cemetery, where almost everyone who is anyone is buried, from Michael Collins to Constance Markievicz to Brendan Behan. See Kilmainham Gaol where the leaders of the Easter Rising were executed; St. Patrick's holy mountain where the patron saint prayed for 40 days; the National Famine Museum at Strokestown on the ground of the 'big house' belonging to the Mahon family; Cruachan where Queen Medb hatched the infamous cattle raid of myth; the sectarian Falls Road and Shankill Road in Belfast; and the Abbey Theatre where Irish plays have a constant home.

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Accompanying Resource Person: Dr. Mary Murphy is a descendent of the Irish Diaspora, both North and South, Protestant and Catholic. She has taught Irish literature and cinema, and in 2008, she co-led the U of C Irish Studies program with a three-week field school in Ireland. She has traveled to her motherland many times, and is keen to share the culture.

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