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TRA 113 An Archaeological Journey Through Western Turkey

Course Description

On this three-week trip and cruise, we will visit some of the most famous sites of western Asia Minor (and some of the more remote), while experiencing 3000 years of history: the monumental Graeco-Roman cities of Ephesos and Miletos; the mysterious rock-cut tombs and coastal settlements of rugged Lycia; Termessos and Sagalassos high in the Taurus mountains; and the Byzantine Christian churches and Ottoman Turkish mosques of Istanbul.

Our journey combines four of the most popular areas of Turkey – Istanbul, Ephesos, Antalya, and Cappadocia – with lesser known but equally intriguing adventures: the Graeco-Roman cities of the south coast and interior, with their remarkably preserved theatres and public baths; and, for a real treat, a week on a pair of motor sailors, cruising the Lycian coast as the weather and our spirits move us. We have designed the three-week itinerary to give you plenty of time to absorb the timelessness of Turkey, explore its ruins and lively towns, discover Turkish hospitality and cuisine at its best, shop for carpets, copper, and jewelry, and relax, especially as we weave our leisurely way along the protected but ruggedly spectacular Lycian coast.

And if your holiday time is short, or if you have already been to Istanbul, you can select just the part of the itinerary that you want: Istanbul to Bodrum; Antalya to Istanbul; or the whole three weeks, including Istanbul, Antalya, the Lycian cruise, Bodrum, and Ephesos.

The nature of the cruise requires that participants be in good health and physical condition, willing to live in confined though comfortable quarters on board the boats, and prepared for an adaptable program that cannot be scheduled in advance.

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Accompanying Resource Person

Dr. John Humphrey is a professor of history and archaeology in the Department of Greek and Roman Studies at the University of Calgary. He has excavated at sites in Greece and Turkey, and now specializes in the history of ancient technology, on which he has published two books. Since his first in 1977, he has planned and accompanied more Continuing Education trips than he can remember including Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Cyprus.


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