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BMC 265 Environmental Impact Assessments and Reporting

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Course Description

Discover the importance of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) as a tool to assist in meeting the goals of sustainable development. Examine EIA procedures as practiced currently under the provincial (Alberta) and federal (Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency) regulatory processes. Understand the importance of new and emerging developments on the EIA process in Alberta, including use of third-party reviewers (the 3PC initiative), efforts towards development of standardized Terms of Reference (ToRs) and the shifting of focus to cumulative effects assessments. Gain practical skills on the various steps required to put together an EIA report. The course utilizes a mix of lectures, in-class exercises, break-outs sessions and large group discussions.

Course Details

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and explain what an Environmental Impact Assessment is
  • Describe the objectives and benefits of doing an EIA
  • Describe the kinds of projects for which an EIA is required in Alberta and by the federal government
  • Identify and describe the key steps involved in putting together an EIA
  • Explain and understand the various reports prepared during the EIA process

Applies Towards the Following Certificate(s)


  BMC 265 - 009 Environmental Impact Assessments and Reporting  
  Spring 2017   Status:  Available
Online:   11 Apr 2017 to 19 Jun 2017
Hours: 30.00
Course Fees:   Flat Fee non-credit    $550.00
Potential Price Adjustments:
Delivery Options:  Online
Instructor(s): Robert Mugo
  Reading List / Textbook:  

Required Textbook

Title: Introduction to Environmental Assessment - A guide to Principles and Practice

Edition: 2nd

Authors: Bram F. Noble

Publisher: Oxford University Press


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  Section Notes:  

Prerequisite: Learning Online

Caution:  Please do not register for this course if you have not either completed the prerequisite course Learning Online (BMC 352) or registered to complete Learning Online before this course commences.  In order to ensure fairness to all students, individuals without the required prerequisite will be subject to withdrawal from the course with no refund of tuition.

If your desired course section is full, please check if another section is available for registration or add your name to the waitlist as sections are often added based on demand.


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