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PDS 017 Ethical Dilemmas for Mediators in Alberta (CCR 297)

Course Description

This online course will help you clarify the application of professional codes of conduct and the real-world application of ethical behaviour in the practice of mediation. In practice, mediators frequently encounter situations that require tough decisions. What should a mediator do when personal or professional values are challenged? Professional codes of conduct that govern the mediator can sometimes conflict. How does a mediator sort through the issues and decide what to do? When should clients be referred? When should the mediator terminate the mediation? What happens when the decision isn't clear?  To register for this course you need to contact JI at 1-877-525-5591.This course is online.

Instructor: Deborah Sword

Prerequisite(s): CR110A or CR110B, and CR250, CR260, CR400

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