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PDS 198 Testing for the Business Analyst

Course Description

This 2-day course is designed to explain to Business Analysts the need for testing and teach them the concepts required to plan, manage, execute, and evaluate testing outcomes in a software environment. This course is based on the Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® version 2.0.

Course Details


Participants will gain practical skills to:


  • Understand the importance of testing to software development and how managing testing well increases the likelihood of project success.
  • Learn basic testing terms and the Testing Lifecycle.
  • Be able to describe the various testing types, methods and approaches to and describe when to apply each.
  • Study the relationships between the Project, Systems Development and Testing Lifecycles.
  • Examine the role of the BA in testing and the relationship between BA Knowledge Areas and testing.
  • Learn the various testing documents–Test Strategy, Test Plans, Use Cases, and Test Cases.
  • Investigate Test and Defect Management.



Course content reflects the body of knowledge tested by the CBAP certification examination, but completion of the Business Analysis program of study does not in itself ensure success on the CBAP exam. Please note that eligibility requirements to sit theCBAP examination include 5 years (7500 hours) business analysis work experience. A summary of CBAP certification requirements can be found on the IIBA website at www.theiiba.org.


Comprehensive BA Seminar: Part 1 or industry experience might qualify. Please contact Continuing Education at (403) 220-4713 or (403) 220-2988 to inquire about prerequisite waiver.

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