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CPE 145 Streamlining Office and Service Operations

Course Description

Topics: Leadership: Preparing for the Journey Formulating Over the past few decades many manufacturing organizations have been transformed by powerful improvement methodologies Strategy The Roleof Leader Business Information Research Financial Accounting The Marketing Plan Principles of Fin. However, the office environment has largely gone unchanged. People may be working hard but enormous amounts of ineffancial Management Managing Change Strategic Role of Operations Financial Decision-Making Supply Chain Management Maiciency and waste continue to exist in office and service operations. Taking tools and methods from the shop floor tonagement Accounting Process Measurement and Improvement Competitive Strategy & Sustainable Development Human Resource the office requires changes and adjustment. A tailored approach to improving office operations is necessary. this sems Management Human Performance Management Negotiations The Marketing Process Risk Management International Opportuninar is a compilation of the best tools and methods. Audience: Heads of service departments or those responsible forities Strategy Implementation Who Will Benefit: - current managers and executives - those in advanced technical or adminstrative operations across departments. professional positions - business owners - individuals considering an MBA who what to see 'what it's like'

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