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EDU 143 Orientation And Mobility For The VIsually Impaired

Course Description

This course in Orientation and Mobility teaches many of theconcepts, skills, and techniques necessary for a person with a visual impairment to travel safely and efficiently through any environment and under all environmental conditions and situations. This course will provide hands-on experience while you also learn about assisting a visually impaired child in a school setting.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will develop a basic understanding of the What/How 'Orientation' and 'Mobility' skills prepare blind and visually impaired students to become safe and independent travelers
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate and assist in the reinforcement of the following Orientation and Mobility Techniques within the school setting: Sighted Guide Techniques, Protective Arm Techniques, Trailing Techniques, Direction Taking Techniques and Familiarization Techniques
  • Participants will develop a basic understanding of thelevels of concept development and the important role this learning plays in developing life skills for blind and visually impaired students. Each participant or participants will develop an activity to reinforce a particular concept or concepts and provide a class presentation.
  •  Participants will experience low vision through simulation of various eyeconditions and the benefits of Orientation & Mobility skills
  • Participants will gain basic knowledge of white cane skills (indoors) and the importance of reinforcing canes skills with students within the school environment

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