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PDS 167 Virtual Teams

Course Description

Virtual Teams are a reality today. Most large organizations have multiple divisions and locations. Smaller companies may have team members working at different sites, and the trend to working collaboratively with suppliers, partner organizations, and clients creates a need to have diversely-located team members working effectively together. In this one-day course, examine the communication and team-building issues of implementing effective virtual teams, as well as strategies, tools, and techniques that can empower you to meet the challenges. Gain practical skills to: identify the challenges and the benefits of working in a virtual team format, select the appropriate team structure, design a communications plan for virtual teams, select appropriate facilitation tools for meetings, describe interventions to maximize the benefits and overcome the challenges, and use appropriate team-building and motivational techniques to preserve team unity.


The Business Analysis program of study reflects the body of knowledge tested by the CBAP certification examiniation, but completion of theprogram does not in itself ensure success on the CBAP exam. Please note that eligibility requirements to sit the CBAP examination include 5 years (7500 hours) business analysis work experience. A summary of CBAP certification requirementscan be found on the IIBA website at www.theiiba.org.

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