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CPE 123 Natural Sciences Foundations

Course Description

The 5-day Natural Sciences Foundations course introduces parMust have completed at least two university-level natural science courses. Must have taken the Foundations of Interpretticipants to current ecological knowledge and research about each of Alberta's natural regions. The course provides anoation course.verview of predominant flora and fauna, ecological, hydrological, and geological processes, and current management issues for each major natural region of Alberta (e.g., Grassland, Rocky Mountain, Foothills, Parkland, Boreal Forest, and Canadian Shield). This course will also introduce participants to basics of developing situational risk awareness and safety planning for leading interpretive groups. Participants will prepare a detailed interpretive walk or presentation, submit a natural science background paper, and lead a 15-minute interpretive presentation on the final day based on content provided during the course. This component will be led by internationally recognized researchers from the G8 Legacy Chair in Wildlife Ecology Research clusters.

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